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Paris – Great Value Hotels

Paris has a mystique and splendour that no other European city, perhaps no city in the world, can equal. It is home to the Louvre, the Notre Dame cathedral, the Eiffel Tower, the finest cuisine, the chicest cafes, and many other delights however; not all of us can afford the luxury and indulgences of an extravagant trip. That is the greatest part of Paris, many of its famous inhabitants: artists, novelists, adventurers, lived and thrived in the city with hardly a penny to their name. There are now more Paris apartment hotels (self-catering and B&Bs in Paris. We all can enjoy Paris whatever our budget – here is a list of  cheap Paris hotels that have quality, atmosphere and provide a great place to stay without breaking the bank:

Hotel Parc Saint Charles

Situated perfectly to serve as a home base to the sites of Paris, the Hotel Parc Saint Charles is not far from the Eiffel Tower. This recently renovated hotel has all the modern amenities and comforts, including internet and TV.

Hotel Ambassadeur

Large and comfortable, it has both a classical and contemporary atmosphere. The soft lighting and soundproofed rooms will serve as a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of the thriving city outside. Also has an 8th floor terrace with a beautiful view of Paris.

Hotel des Arts

A small yet cosy hotel bursting with vivid reds and yellows give this property the air of a modern art gallery. Hotel des Arts is the perfect choice for those interested in Paris’s nightlife and bars.

Hotel Mon Rêve

Located in a terrific spot in the heart of Paris, the Hotel Mon Rêve is an affordable, simple lodging. There are a number of shops, restaurants and subway stations nearby.

Hotel Maubeuge

A colourful hotel located near the Canal Saint Martin, which is a lovely place to walk. Reviews of the  Maubeuge rate the staff as especially friendly and helpful. It was refurbished only a few years ago so everything seems fresh and sleek.

Hotel Cecil

If you prefer to be a little outside the city centre, but within walking distance of quick transportation, here is your best bet. Simple, clean and a favourite of romantics, Hotel Cecil has all you need at a bargain price.

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