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Hotel Chateau de Mercuès, Cahors

Hotel Chateau de Mercues

One of Cahors’ top wine chateaux is the Hotel Chateau de Mercuès, which is also a top class Michelin restaurant and hotel – the mercues89barrel-ageing cellar is under the hotel and is sometimes used for functions – such as a wedding breakfast of bread and Cahors wine!!
Owned by one of the top Cahors wine families – Georges Vigouroux, the wines are consistently amongst the best Cahors wines.
Situated on a promontory to the west of Cahors (46 Lot, Midi-Pyrenees) at Mercuès, Hotel Chateau de Mercuès offers stunning views over the Lot Valley.
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more about Cahors and the Lot Valley – for my money this is a more characterful area and less crowded than the Dordogne to the north – there is a sense of La France profonde (deepest France).